Configured exactly for your industry

Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Labour Hire, Non Profit, Trades & Construction.


Using an integrated solution of Xero and Cin7 to manage the production and assembly process. Editable BOM masters take into account the detailed costs of production to accurately report on margins and stock on hand.


Using an integrated solution of Xero and WorkflowMax to back cost jobs, compare quote vs actuals, make monthly claims, schedule staff and track asset usage. Receipt Bank and FlexiTime streamlines payroll and accounts payable.


Using an integrated solution of Xero and Tradify or GeoOp to dispatch jobs to mobile workers and capture critical job info onsite. Google Apps is a highly reliable and easy-to-use mobile communications platform.


Using an integrated solution of Xero, Cin7 and ShipIt to manage inventory, orders, invoices and freight. Google Apps and Capsule combine to manage contacts, emails, appointments and leads on a mobile device.


Using an integrated solution of Xero and FlexiTime to fully automate time billing while making it simple to manage large complex payroll. Easily search for customers, recruits, temps and employee details in Capsule CRM.


Using an integrated solution of Xero, Capsule and Vend to manage donations, Point of Sale, database administration, subscriptions and memberships. Online access gives key stakeholders full transparency.


Our service is part of the solution, guiding you through each stage of the on-boarding process methodically. We know that taking one step at a time ensures a successful implementation and the best possible return on your investment.
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  1. Contact us for an initial consultation to evaluate your needs
  2. Review the legacy software or manual systems you currently use
  3. Present you a tailored demonstration of our integrated cloud solution
  4. Create a workflow document to illustrate your business processes
  5. Consult with you to ensure the solution is best fit for your business
  6. Prepare recommendations and a proposal for our project services
  7. Organise the setup and training timeline with you and your team
  8. Configure and test the solution to suit your business process
  9. Comprehensive onsite training and support when going live
  10. System review post the implementation to customise reports